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Interview By: Rad Breath

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Shop Destruya is owned by Natalia, a badass kid in their twenties hailing from Florida and smashing misogyny one feminist(a) goodie at a time. You may have seen the “I Owe You Nothing” shirts floating around the internet getting the attention they more than deserve. My personal favorites are her sticking close to her Puerto Rican roots with the “No Soy Tuya” and “No Me Jodas” tee’s. They create the kind of clothes you want to casually wear while grocery shopping with your headphones in or what you want to be reppin’ when you’re head stomping catcalling creeps. A perfect mix of gentle and dangerous, cute and bashback. They also offer other radical goodies like home decor, patches, and a whole vintage section. If you want to look like a badass femme while supporting another one, Shop Destruya is the place to scope. You know your wardrobe is missing some more floral and knives print. You know you want to revisit your creeper crush on Gerard Way through this My Chemical Romance zine. Shop with Rad Breath and score some sweet secret Shop Destruya goodies for a limited time!


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Natalia pictured above is her adorable badass glory.
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In the wise words of Daniel Johnston, “Hi, How are you?”
Now, if it isn’t obvious enough, I think you are a pretty radical kid and am stoked on the things you share with the world. For those who unfortunately may not know, who are you and what is it you’re about?
Hey! I’m Natalia and I’m all about DIY, empowered imagery and art, unapologetic fangirling*, 90’s-00’s nostalgia, and thrifting til I drop!

The question everyone gets, and yet I’m not sure anyone really knows how to answer: When did you realize you had this creative bug buzzing inside of you?
I would say I first felt my creative bug my freshmen year of high school in my film photography class. That class was half film photography and darkroom and half collage making. I was really into aesthetically pleasing pictures and combinations. My photos were terrible but I revisit my collages still 10 years later and love them. I was already a full fledged tough girl by then so you could imagine my themes. I continued to pursue film and digital photography from Myspace pics to amatuer band photography.

Do you think where you’re from effected that at all, whether it good or bad?
I’m originally from Puerto Rico but only spent my first 3 years there, then visited almost every year after that. I came from a polarizing upbringing, from my mom I got the typical strictness, sheltering, and disapproval of my “punk” looks. From my dad I got the easy going musician that encouraged my creative side. I also  lived mostly in the suburbs of South Florida which isn’t a very artsy place compared to somewhere like Seattle or Montreal. I guess where I’m from
affected me in both ways.


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What is it that inspires you? Cheesy, I know. But like, do you take in things from movies or nature or maybe just weird stories you heard growing up? Do these things show in your work or just day to day life?
Other people inspire me, whether it’s my friends or strangers on the internet. I like putting my spin on things I see floating around. I am no painter, graphic designer, mixed media artist, none of that. I like really simple things and if I can make something in the simplest way I’m all about it. Sometimes I’m inspired by lyrics from bands I listen or the endless stories I read/hear of injustices or revenge. I definitely feel these things show in my work.


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Where along the line was it you decided to fully harness your badassery and share your talents with the world?
I had a lot of time on my hands despite working part-time as a restaurant hostess and taking community college classes. I actually started selling band merch and other stuff from my closet on ebay around 5-6 years ago. I was raised to be frugal and my dad would often take me thrifting and I would shop for myself but I would see cool things that didn’t fit me or weren’t my style but I knew someone would appreciate so I started shopping to resell. Around the same time I wanted to make patches for myself but the ones I wanted didn’t exist. I had a bunch of scrap fabric my boyfriend would bring me from the clothing company he worked at, so I looked up tutorials on making patches using fabric paint and freezer paper stencils. Other people came to me wanting patches so I combined my love for thrifting and patch making and I started my online shop. Later on, people were interested in my celebrity prayer candles after making myself a TERRIBLE Gerard Way candle. I eventually couldn’t keep up with the demand so I begrudgingly started screen printing my patches after months of my boyfriend suggesting it. He’s the one who bought me a kit almost a year ago and I made my first shirt for myself and yet again shared it on the internet and it blew up from there and that’s when I really realized that I could make cool things that people actually want.


What would you tell other artsy weirdos who maybe don’t have enough pride in their work as they should? Those who maybe think art is only painting and forgetting the act of expressing yourself in every other form is special too? How is it you personally define success?
I still doubt myself especially when I see other artists and stores that are WAY better than me. I stress that it never hurts to try. People often come to me asking about reselling or selling original work and all I say is that I personally got lucky with the help of strangers on the internet and the magic of sharing. There are so many free/cheap trials you can use for online shops. If you have a decently sized following I really encourage putting your stuff out there.  I never had and still don’t really have the following a lot of similar stores/artists have. Art can be anything!

I would define success as being proud of the things you do and feeling motivated. Even if you don’t execute as much as you want, if you’re inspired and have ideas flowing you’re succeeding. It’s very hard to feel motivated so the moments something comes to me I try and act on it. There have been times I was convinced no one would like something I made and I was proved wrong. YOU NEVER KNOW! I know so many people who are in different positions than me whether in life or mentally that create the coolest things I have ever seen and they’re just creating for themselves. That success to me.


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And since you’re so friggin radical and everyone should check your stuff out, what websites and junk do ya use?
I recently moved all my stuff to one place:
IG: Shop_Destruya
Tumblr: Shop-Destruya

One last thing, you get shot off into space tomorrow, what three things do you bring with you? And don’t give me none of those basic survival bottle of water and notebook bologna answers.
If I were shot into space I’d bring a camera (even if it would be obsolete in those conditions), some device that plays My Chemical Romance’s discography to keep me sane, and something to throw around in zero gravity like a giant ball. A random combination but I stand by it.

p.s. we love you