Fandom Candles

Regular price $ 10.00

Unscented 8" white wax glass pillar candles

Decorations may appear differently depending on availability

Other colors & shapes of gems & glitter available upon request

Some candles may have numbers printed on the top part (pictured)

If you'd like different decorations or an entirely custom candle please email FIRST with your ideas!

Designs available:

  • Britney: pink & iridescent glitter, light pink heart gems, dark pink round gems 
  • Buffy: red heart or drop shaped gem & black round gems on each corner
  • Queen of the Damned: red drop shaped gems & black round gems
  • Jennifer's Body: red drop shaped gems & red round gems
  • Guy Fieri: round white or gold gems 
  • Megan Thee Stallion: Iridescent glitter & heart or drop shaped gems
  • Rihanna: gold glitter & white round gems
  • Scully: gold glitter, round white or gold gems, & green heart gem
  • (Discount) Scully: has yellow on top 1/2" of white wax (pictured)
  • Mulder: gold glitter, round white or gold gems, & green heart gem 
  • X Files: black & green gems
  • Lizzo: large purple and/or blue heart or drop gems 
  • Stevie Nicks: orange and/or purple round gems
  • Keanu: gold glitter & white or gold round gems
  • Bella: red drop shaped gems & red round gems 
  • (Discount) Lil Nas X/rainbow: iridescent glitter & iridescent tear shaped gems
  • Lil Nas X/cowboy: pink glitter, red & pink heart gems
  • Bad Bunny: red round gems
  • Frank Iero: white, black, or red round gems with red heart gems
  • Gerard Way: red & black glitter, red or black heart gems & white, red, or black round gems
  • Ray Toro: silver glitter, red heart gems & white round gems
  • Mikey Way: red heart gems & white or black round gems


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