Fandom Candles

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Order a Beyonce candles & get a FREE Formation pin

Unscented 8" pillar candles

Some pictures show some decorations that are subject to change

All candle decor can be omitted or swapped out, message me first to customize!

The following listed are available:

  • Spice Girls:  pink & purple small round gems, blue heart gems, iridescent & pink glitter
  • Mother Beyonce: pink flower gems, pink/white heart gems, iridescent glitter (not pictured)
  • (Beyonce Bodysuit):  pink, purple & silver glitter, pink & purple round gems/heart gems.
  • Rhianna: gold glitter & white round gems.
  • Drake: gold & silver glitter (not pictured), light blue cross gem, white heart gems 
  • Gerard (Virgin Mary style): red heart gems, gold, red, & silver glitter, (red crosses are sold out)
  • Gerard (Helena): red and black glitter, red heart gems, black round gems (one on left & right of the design)
  • Frank Iero: small white round gems, small & big red heart gems
  • Guy Fieri: round white gems & "Flavor Town" on banner at bottom
  • Scully: gold glitter, round white gems, large green heart gem
  • Mulder: gold glitter, round white gens, large green heart gem 



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